March 30, 2022

Emerging Generative Artist Program

This program provides commissions for generative artists in the emerging NFT space.

How does the Emerging Generative Artist Program (EGAP) work?

The NFT Museum is actively commissioning emerging NFT artists to create generative art tokens for permanent collection. The steps for getting involved are:

  • Tag us in a tweet expressing your interest in becoming an EGAP artist @NFTMuseumSC
  • You will receive notification of your selection by the EGAP Committee within 7 days.
  • Upon selection, you will collaborate with a representative from the NFT Museum EGAP Committee museum on a generative art token.
  • You will be compensated for your token prior to launch. There is no risk to the artist if the token fails to fully mint.
  • The generative token code is added to the to what we believe is the world's first Museum collection of generative art code.

What To Expect

The EGAP committee regularly meets to review submissions. A portion of the proceeds from each generative token mint is used to commission additional emerging artists. Your work will be promoted through our media channels and to our membership. Our goal is to build a sustainable artist support program that provides much needed income, advice and exposure for emerging generative artists.

To schedule a private tour call (803) 768-5250‬