Updated: March 19th, 2022


Documenting and preserving the NFT art movement with a focus on supporting emerging digital artists.

October, 2021

  • Define NFT Museum Mission - Complete
  • Design NFT Museum Logo - Complete
  • Establish Social Media Presence - Complete
November, 2021
  • Launch website at NonFungibleTokenMuseum.org - Complete
  • Host community gatherings related to blockchain & NFT projects - Complete
  • Prepare physical exhibition space to display digital NFTs - Complete
December, 2021
  • Renovate museum facade - Complete
  • Host first exhibition - Complete (watch video)
  • Begin building community around the opportunities presented by NFTs - Complete
January, 2022
  • Install permanent overhead projectors - Complete
  • Provide broadband wi-fi connectivity for community - Complete (watch video)
  • Begin media outreach - Ongoing
February, 2022
  • Host second exhibition - Complete #Cryptografik is on exhibit through March 15th,2022. - Extended through May 1st, 2022.
  • Develop outreach plan to expose students to blockchain and NFT opportunities - Complete - Our first NFT presentation was made to the art & design students of Lander University on Feb 8th, 2022.
March, 2022 April, 2022
  • Mint first Emerging Generative Artist Program generative art token on FXhash - Ongoing: Scheduled for alpha launch of FXhash. Ed Cavett commissioned to create firt generative art code for the museum collection.
  • Host third exhibition - Ongoing: Call for artists #CarolinaCreatives will include NFT artist from North & South Carolina. Planned opening May 1st.
  • Mint the official NFT Museum "Donor" badge and airdrop to artists and supporters who have donated NFTs to the permanent collection.
  • Plan fourth exhibition in preparation of Juneteenth showcasing African American NFT artist. Ongoing: Call for artists coming soon.
May, 2022
  • Mint first Emerging Generative Artist Program token on 8bidou created by a young emerging artist
  • Begin documenting historic NFT artifacts and milestones on chain.
  • Begin issuing Proof-Of-Attendance ommemorative NFTs for museum milestones and events.

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